What’s a CranFest?

CranFest is an Annual Salt Spring Island Community Family-Friendly Camp-Out Solar-Powered Full-Moon Non-Profit Live-Music&Art Outdoor-Couch-Popcorn-Movie Astronomical-Adventure All-Ages Multi-Generational Musical-Yoga Reasonably-Priced (Kids Free!) Festival Celebration Weekend Benefit Thing

What began simply as a one-off SSI Co-Op Preschool Family BBQ in 2010 has grown slowly and purposefully into everything you see above. That first year, legendary band Lane 31 joined us on a whim and played in the dirt and in the dark for some fun and dancing. Throughout the past 8 years, although the numbers of friends/families attending and the numbers of musicians performing have increased, our intentions have remained focused on keeping this a Family-Friendly and Community-Connecting weekend event where we can continue to raise our kids together, fostering and modelling responsibly fun behaviour. We are powered by a collaboration of good friends and James Cowan’s solar/bike power generator trailer creation.

We hope you’ll bring both your kids and your parents and campout for the weekend, it’s a great way to join in on all the fun connecting with friends and families, both old and new.